Tara Oster: Television News Reporter and Radio News Anchor.

Tara interviews Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

In addition to these skills, Tara is also a proficient sports videographer. She knows the ins and outs of production of live sports video for college football and basketball games.

Tara is never one to turn down a challenge and is always eager to get the job done. Her skills, attitude and work ethic would make her an exceptional addition to any team. She enjoys interacting with all sorts of people and works hard to achieve her goals.OSTER

When she’s not working hard finding the story, she’s out exploring the great outdoors. Tara takes whatever spare moments she has in the winter time and spends them skiing in the mountains.

She’s always up for a new adventure!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tara, I just heard you’re replacing Katy Harris and wanted to say welcome to the Flathead! I work with a number of businesses in NW Montana doing PR and am happy to share any story ideas that come up with you if you’re interested. Congrats on your new assignment and looking forward to seeing your work!

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